Becoming a Muslim…

I already believe in Almighty God and I am a good person then why should I become a Muslim?

You do already have some connection with Almighty God, but don’t you want The Best Connection with Almighty God?

Don’t you want to become truly successful in this life and the next life?


Do I have to tell everyone like my friends and relatives after I convert?

That’s up to you. We would suggest that you only tell them if they are already Muslims.

We are not suggesting that you should hide it or that you should lie. The fact is that you just don’t need to tell them until you are strong yourself. Others should see you becoming a better person and should ideally ask why you are so nice to everyone, Why are you better? You could then maybe tell them you have become a Muslim.

By the way, Muslims prefer to use the word Revert rather than Convert as The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him= PBUH) told us that all children are born as Muslims and therefore when someone converts you are really going back to your original religion of childhood therefore reverting, not converting.

Do I become a Sunni or a Shia?

Prophet Muhammad did not call himself Sunni or a Shi’a. So similarly we should just call ourselves ‘Muslims’ and follow The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Do I have to change after I convert / revert?

Not much. You need to just start by Praying. As your faith and love for Al-Mighty God increases then you should do more. Always at your own pace. Islam came down in stages so please don’t try to do too much too quickly.

Aren’t there lots of Do’s and Don’ts? Lots of Rules?

The rules are only there to help you get closer to Almighty God by helping you to do good things and helping you to keep away from bad things. Bad things would of course take you away from God. Please prioritize the rules and try to do the important ones first. At the beginning only the prayer is essential. Please seek help from a knowledgeable person on the priorities.

Is Praying Difficult? Do I Have To Pray In Arabic?

If you mean asking Allah for something (Supplication) this can be done in any language. If you mean The Five daily prayers (Salah) these should be done in Arabic but there is an easy option until you learn it properly.

A Shaikh (Expert Teacher) has told us that someone can do the actions like Standing, Bowing and Putting your Head-on the ground (prostration)

whilst repeating simple words like :

La-ee-la-ha-ill-Allah = There is nothing worthy of worship except Almighty God-Allah.

Soob-haan-Allah = All Glory is for Almighty God – Allah.

(Which means Allah is above any sort of imperfections)

Al-ham-du-lillah = The Praise and The thanks are for only Almighty God – Allah.

Is It Difficult Or Complicated For Someone To Become A Muslim?

Becoming a Muslim is really easy.

Millions are converting Al-ham-du-lillah. There are already 1.9 Billion Muslims and probably many more that have kept it hidden – therefore are secret Muslims. Islam is now the fastest growing religion (Pew Institute in The USA).

Do I Need To Go To A Mosque Or See A Muslim Priest To Convert?

NO. In fact there is no clergy, eg. No Popes or Priests or Vicars in Islam. It really is a one to one relationship between you and Almighty God, Allah.

How Do I Convert?

Becoming a Muslim is really easy. Muslim is someone who submits to Allah.

Anyone who declares (says) :

‘Almighty God ( Allah ) alone is worthy of worship and that Muhammad (PBUH) is Almighty God’s servant and Messenger’ becomes a Muslim.
For a Muslim, every action begins with your intention. Therefore have the intention to become a Muslim and a follower of Islam, before you say the words.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked people to declare this in a certain way.

They should say:

“Ash-hadu an la ilaha ill Allah.” (I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship but Allah.)

“Wa ash-hadu ana Muhammad abduhu wa rasuulhu.” (and I bear witness that Muhammad (PBUH) is His (ALLAH’s) Servent and His Messenger.

‘I am a witness that there is nothing worthy of my worship except Almighty God – Allah and that I am a witness that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His (Allah’s) servant and His Messenger.

It is not essential to have Muslim witnesses to your conversion, some would say its preferable. God is your ultimate Witness.

What Do I Do Now That I Have Converted?

It is recommended to take a bath with running water. This is done in a slightly special way.

Please go to YouTube to learn : ‘How to do a Ghusl’ on YouTube.

Then over the next few weeks/months you need to :

Learn how to wash for Prayers:

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