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‘Live Dawah’ (Pt 2/2)

You are watching the full conversation from the initial stopping the person in the high street to The Shahadah. This is to demonstrate that it is easy and so that you can learn the technique insha-Allah.

Michael is a buisness man and has been doing a lot of searcing for the Truth. Here Alhamdulillah (Praise is for Almighty God) he reverts to Islam after only a few minutes!

Dear brothers and sisters, please take every opportunity to actively invite to Islam, after making Du’a. Please make Du’ah for us.

27 Responses to “‘Live Dawah’ (Pt 2/2)”

  1. Siti Monaliza says:

    Alhamdulillah.. I really like how u introduce Islam to others people and how to make them to understand about Islam..

  2. osman mergahanimaki says:

    salaam aleekomm
    first I want to say thank for what you are doing, and I ask Alah to give the strength to countinue what are you doing.
    and I ask alah to accept what you are doing.

  3. Muslim brother says:

    salam whalekum wha rahmetullahi wa baraktu , mashALLAH . Brothers please though next time a person reverts embrace them with a hug so they can see what brotherhood Islam offers.Make it an unforgetable experience for them. JazakALLAHkheir

  4. skoon says:

    Unfortunately all the links is not active!!
    We hope to restart the utility

    • fazal says:

      All the links appear to be active please could you try again.
      Thank you for all your support.
      Please let us know if you are still having problems

  5. Asif Ahmed says:

    MASHALLAH very good technique to introduce ISLAM and let them know about ALLAH , MUHAMMAD ,QURAN ( Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam ).

  6. May God Bless You All Team. And Please Pray For Us Too.

  7. asma says:

    mashallah… mat Allah bless u all and be pleased with u all and guide us all to the right path…

  8. asma says:

    mashallah… may Allah bless u all and be pleased with u all and guide us all to the right path…

  9. Mashkoor Basha says:

    Assalam mu allikum, Great work brother May Allah increase you with more beneficial knowledge Aameen.

  10. Masha Allah – May Allah reward you for your actions and keep the Brother firm on the deen Insha Allah.

  11. Amna says:


    Believe me, watching this made tears come to my eyes from the beautiful way these brothers become a means of salvation for non-Muslims. MashaAllah! Please keep doing what you are! This technique is amazing; of course it is only from Allah that people believe in Islam, but how do you do it? Did you have to learn how to bring others into the folds of Islam or was it experience?

    Jazakallah hu Khairan

  12. Rafeeq from Homs - Syria says:

    please translate it to arabic caus the arab muslms bee so happy whin they saw things like that

  13. ashkar says:

    Excellent,i was really impress how the way of telling Islam. surely i’ll ask from du’ah for grant long life for dawah team

  14. salam whalekum wha rahmetullahi wa baraktu ,

    my name is Mohammad omare najjar

    I’m from Palestine

    i want to say only gazak allah khara

    i suggest that you make these files in iphone for dawa

    barak allah feek

    regards to all

  15. Muhammad Dawood says:

    May you live long.We pray for you Allah acept your efforts for ISLAM Ameen. M Dawood from Pakistan

  16. sarah says:

    Alslamo Alekom..can i have the spanish translation???
    not the subtitle because i don’t think its clear.
    because it’s not elaborate in Arabic subtitle.

  17. Masha’Allah amazing work. May Allah reward you for this great work.

  18. very much inspiring.Few people started dawah work at surat gujarat india. very good results.people anxiouse to know about creator n islam. its time for all muslims to rise for the cause of Allah S.W. please contact for any kind of help if we can.

  19. Abdul Fatawu says:

    Assalam Alaikum,
    I am very much happy about these works that you are doing.I wish am just like you
    Oh Yaa Allah,bless these brothers of mine and help them in all their endeavors.Oh grant them Jannat(paradise)and wash their hearts to let them do all these for your sake.Ameen,Ameen.Love You ALL.

  20. waleed mohamed says:

    جزائكم الله كل خير وسدد خطواتطكم

  21. arika says:


  22. mustafa says:

    God bless you
    Wonderful work and beautiful style of invitation
    The method of introducing in Allah and Islam amazing and simple way

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