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‘Live’ Dawah (Pt 1/2)

You are watching the full conversation from the initial stopping the person in the high street to The Shahadah. This is to demonstrate that it is easy and so that you can learn the technique insha-Allah.

Michael is a buisness man and has been doing a lot of searcing for the Truth. Here Alhamdulillah (Praise is for Almighty God) he reverts to Islam after only a few minutes!

Dear brothers and sisters, please take every opportunity to actively invite to Islam, after making Du’a. Please make Du’ah for us.

24 Responses to “‘Live’ Dawah (Pt 1/2)”

  1. Maazallah says:

    congrats, may allah be with you

  2. mohammad sameer says:

    As salam wailkum
    while click on vedio it not start. Could you please send me all point on which we can start a healty disscuss with non belivers like i have saw in you youtube vedio like big bang theory, embrology etc….

  3. christopher says:

    This is really great
    I hope we can have something
    like this in Mexico
    Inshallah one day

    Just amazing

    • dalia sadek says:

      peace christopher why do not you start such an activity yourself in one of the big wonderful squares of mexico common go ahead and start it yourself let ppl know about ir tape it and make it available on net may allah reward you janat alferdaos peace

  4. bou says:

    absolutely unbelievable!
    May Allah be with you!

  5. vieux says:

    choukrane abdallah

  6. Mustafa says:


  7. Michael says:

    Salamu alaykum,

    Has anyone noticed how at the end, he (the Indian brother) goes into belief in predestination and this eventually leads to the brother’s testimony. Then right after he’s become muslim a Sainsbury’s truck stops in between of them in the background and it says: “try something new today” on it, did anyone notice?!? Maybe you people (in Britain) are used to seeing these trucks and therefore not making the connection, however I’m a Dutch muslim revert from The Netherlands and even though I’ve heard of the store chain I’ve never seen such a truck. -Amazing!-

    And do keep up this work my brothers, don’t ever stop…

  8. Shee1 says:


    Insha’Allah Im gunna try this dawah on non muslims out there,

    Insha’Allah rewards you for having such good knowledge and getting people to accept islam, Mashallah


  9. imed says:

    excuse me there is only a falt in chahada we tell la ilaha illa allah and not il allah thanks

  10. mohamed says:

    god bless you
    so amazing

  11. MA3N says:

    Allah bless you, your work is so amazing and remember that any achievement made is from the Mercy and Barakah of Allah.

    Remember before going to streets to pray to Rak’at namely for Haajah (requesting help from Almighty ALLAH for Dawah specifically).

    Imam Shafi’y used to have ghosl and pray two rak’ats prior to jot down an authentic hadith post his very difficult rigorous authentication process!!!


  12. Abdullah says:

    Assalamu alaykoum.

    This video is now available in Arabic at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi1siCIJAy4

    And is currently being translated into Chinese.

    We hope it becomes available in other languages soon, insha-Allah.

    Also, we hope that Allah accepts all of our good deeds.

    Please keep up the great work your doing.

    And please don’t split the videos into parts when you upload them to youtube.

    Jazakom Allahu khayran.

  13. Good job you wish to reconcile Sheikh

  14. Mohamed Retbi says:

    We need A Translation to arabe

  15. l.mustafa says:


  16. Am muslima says:

    Asalamo Alaykom am an arabic muslima girl and Allah almighty give me repentance (tawba) and now i try more and more about my religion but i have problems with family because of my committment and specially my father because he think that he know everything about religion and so on and talking and maybe accepting my ideas is like impossible for him so when he think that all my personality become more positive it work little but he still in his ideas muslims but i can’t disobey him so how can i make practise dawah with him

  17. Jamal Muhsin says:

    Assalamu alikum

    Dear brother, you’re doing a great job.
    May Allah give you more knowledge and strength to continue it……

  18. Hashmatullah Safi says:

    Mashallah Brother your doing great by spreading the messages of peace to non-Muslims and by this you invite people to Islam I’m as Muslim proud of you…may Allah (SWT) bless you and your family

  19. Alwatheko billah says:

    Salamo alaykom,
    I’m you’re brother Khaled from Palestine alQuds
    Allahuma onsor ilmuslimin 3ala ilzalimin wharer masjid AlAqsa
    اللهم انصر المسلمين على الظالمين
    وحرر مسجدنا الأقصى

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